The Athllon unit has two classes, Junior and Middle for students with Autism. Each of these classes has six children. In the Middle unit students have their own individual learning program using an adapted Australian Curriculum.

The specifics of each program depends on the individual students capabilities. Each class is aided by one full time and one part time Learning Support Assistant. Their roles include assisting the children in their learning program. Students gain knowledge in all learning areas through individual, group work, teacher’s instructions, problem solving and hands on activities and experiences. All students are integrated to mainstream classes for social occasions such as school assemblies, school celebrations and sports day.

Students are also integrated into mainstream classes in other areas of learning according to their capabilities and independence. Every day at 9.45am students participate in a “Healthy Snack Time”. This break aids student’s concentration and teaches healthy eating habits. All students are encouraged to bring fresh or dried fruit, vegetables or plain cheese to school each day.

The students are given weekly homework, in addition to home readers every day. Every Thursday the students in Athllon participate in swimming lessons at Kambah Swimming Pool to teach the students about water safety and how to move independently. This range of activities and student specific teaching practices means that the Athllon unit provides a well rounded learning opportunity to it students.