Gulla Gulla

Gulla Gulla is our Early Childhood Unit (K-2). There is always something happening! We provide a hands-on approach to teaching and learning in the early years. Teachers in Gulla Gulla are committed to encouraging healthy habits and protective behaviours in all students.

In Gulla Gulla the teachers work and plan effective programs using the Australian Curriculum. There are 3 classrooms in this unit. Each classroom has a Smart board that is used daily to support the children’s learning. There is also a large wet area, spare room, teacher’s work space and a quiet area.

Social skilling is an integral part of our teaching program in the early years. Through role play, puppets, song, dance and circle time discussions we encourage children to work harmoniously together throughout the school day. Many structures are in place to ensure that school is a socially positive environment for the children. Social skilling programs such as Bounceback are implemented in Gulla Gulla.

As part of literacy we have developed a Guided Reading program. Guided Reading is a supportive reading structure where students are divided into small ability based groups where they work with either a teacher or parent helper to explore texts and engage in a variety of reading activities.

The Balanced Literacy Program is a fun filled program that has a 2 hour literacy block which consists of fine motor skill development, Modelled and Shared Reading, Guided and Independent Reading, Modelled and Interactive Writing and Guided and Independent Writing. During this block all students work in small groups, whole class and individually learning specific literacy knowledge and skills.

In numeracy we use a large variety of concrete materials to provide hands-on exploration and meaningful activities designed to develop the children’s understanding of mathematics.

We have an open door policy in Gulla Gulla and encourage parent helpers and support throughout the day whenever possible. If you would like to be a part of our program, please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher about helping out.