Lambrigg is the middle years teaching unit at Gowrie

In Lambrigg the teachers work and plan effective programs using the Australian Curriculum.

There are 3 classrooms in this unit. Each classroom has a Smart board; that is used daily to support the children’s learning. There is also a large wet area, spare room, teacher’s work space and a quiet area.


In the morning the routine is similar in each class. Children are engaged in Balanced Literacy Programs.

  • Reading is fostered through Guided Reading, independent, modelled and explicit teaching strategies in small groups and whole class situations
  • Listening and speaking through news, Circle Time and Questions of the Day and the school’s Bounce Back program
  • Writing Each term there is a focus on a particular genre style. (See School Literacy Plan) During this time teachers model, share, develop and explicitly teach text types
  • Spelling as part of our balanced Literacy program BEE spelling strategies are taught


Numeracy is timetabled daily. The class teacher is responsible for the Numeracy strands of:

  • Measurement -Time, length, perimeter, area
  • Chance and Data
  • Space- 2D, 3D shapes
  • Number - Twice a week children are grouped according to their number capabilities. Mental computation strategies and the four processes are taught using concrete materials

IBIC - (Inquiry Based Integrated Curriculum)

Each term a Key Learning Area is taught. Some previous topics are: Weather, Australia, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Rules and Responsibilities, Olympics, Plants and Celebrations.