Lanyon is the senior unit at Gowrie. There are always lots of things happening! The day starts of with circle time where students are given the opportunity to share anything, talk through issues and strengthen relationships with their peers and the teacher.

The Balanced Literacy Program consists of cooperative reading, modelled reading and independent reading. Writing focuses on different text types and the use of a variety of language structures and features. Research plays a big part in preparing students to sort through information, find relevance and comprehend information to put into their own style of writing. Students have endless chances in gaining skills and confidence in public speaking, circle time, debating, reader’s theatre and rostrum.

The students also participate in debating teams which culminates at the end of term 1 with a cluster competition amongst the other schools in the cluster.

In Numeracy, students gain knowledge through group work, teacher instruction, problem solving and hands on activities of the following areas;

  • Numeration and Notation
  • Computation and Estimation- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Measurement- area, length and perimeter, time and calendar
  • Money
  • Chance and Data
  • Spatial relations- shape and structure, transformation and symmetry

There is one focus for Inquiry Based Integrated Curriculum (IBIC) each term. These include units of work such as History of Australia, Geography of Australia, Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds, Solar System, Energy, Celebrations Democracy and more. The topics being covered in class are often used as a focus for literacy and computer based lessons.

Bounce back is the social skills program used across the school at Gowrie. It gives students a chance to explore feelings, share their thoughts and develop strategies to successfully get along with others.

Homework is given out weekly to allow students to develop steady work habits and to balance their time outside school. Along with the weekly homework, a project is handed out each term that corresponds to the IBIC unit of work. Students have a full term to complete this and then present their work to the class in the last week of term.

Year six students work towards their graduation all year and get involved in fundraising for their senior T-shirts, graduation dinner and other end of year activities.

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in leadership roles such as House Captains, Student Council Representatives, Active Sports Leaders, Kindy Carers and running school assemblies.