Wearing a school uniform gives students a sense of belonging and is considered an important contribution to the community spirit and well-bring of Gowrie Primary School. All children are encouraged to wear the school uniform at all times. School uniform is particularly important when students represent the school at sporting events and activities such as school excursions.

A uniform order form is available from the front office of the school or online on the schools website. Some second hand garments are available upon request from the front office.

Jewellery must be kept to a minimum and closed shoes such as runners are preferred. The school is a Sun Smart school. Under the Gowrie Summer Policy all children MUST wear a hat with a brim minimum width of 5.5cm when they are outdoors and a hat or beanie in the winter months.

Summer Uniform

  • School summer dress
  • Bottle green pleated skirt or skort
  • Bottle green shorts
  • Bottle green polo shirt
  • Bottle green polar fleece or sloppy joe
  • Bottle green hat, bucket style, full brim or legionnaire

Winter Uniform

  • Long sleeve polo shirt or white skivvy
  • Bottle green polar fleece jumper or hoodie zip jacket
  • Bottle green trousers, bootleg pants or track pants
  • Bottle green parka or bottle green ‘dry and cosy’ coat
  • Bottle green hat, bucket style, full brim or legionnaire or school beanie

Sports Uniform

Used by children involved in a competitive sport. Parents will be notified when this is required.

  • Bottle green pleated skirt or skort
  • Bottle green shorts
  • Bottle greens scungies
  • Bottle green polo shirt, T-shirt or skivvy
  • Bottle green gat, bucket style, full brim or legionnaire

On sports days children may be asked to wear their house colours. The house colours are red, white or yellow.

Items can be purchased in person at the front office or when the shop is open on Fridays or via email to Tina Critchley –mailto:tinhansen@gmail.com

Placing an order via email

  1. Complete order form (pdf order form attachment)
  2. Submit payment (Eftpos/credit card/cash via school front office), Direct Deposit into account
  3. Email order form and receipt number to tinhansen@gmail.com

Order will be processed once payment has been confirmed and the items will be packet and delivered to your child on Friday (where stock is available).

Bank details Gowrie Primary School Clothing Account BSB 062914 Account Number 00900418

For any orders not filled, you will be contacted to discuss delivery details/terms.

Gowrie P&C Uniform Shop.PDF (297kb)