Information & Communication Technology

The Information Technology Program is always being developed and upgraded. Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are installed throughout the school. Each IWB is connected to a computer and data projector, so that all students including the preschool can have the chance to benefit from interactive learning. Multi-media sessions are taught using DVD and internet resources on a daily basis.

The school has a computer lab with networked computers. Also there are a number of computers placed in classes and the library. Information technology education is integrated across all classes involving areas such as word processing, information retrieval and educational games related to the work being learned in class. Students have supervised access to the internet and have the chance to use the "My classes" program.

The School has Wireless capability with wireless points throughout the school. The school has mobile notebook PC’s that can be utilised in all classes. These have been installed at the beginning of 2010.

The My classes is a gateway to the internet and their class IT work. All children have personal username and passwords and can share their learning with their parents and carers via the school website at home. It is also a great teaching tool for teachers as it gives them numerous avenues for interactive learning.

In 2009 the preschool and junior LSU, Athllon will be equipped with IWB’s for the students to be immersed in and connected to the student network. We are also having laptops that can be loaned to classes so children can work interactively outside the computer lab.