The library is a rich resource centre and an avenue to knowledge building through books and digital media. It is situated within the administration block close to the computer lab. The library has an IWB (Interactive whiteboard) that is used as part of a learning centre for classes.

Children borrow books throughout the week and have a library lesson once a week to explore resources and learn many new experiences. The library is open three days a week at lunch time to provide children a safe, quiet environment to use during play times. One of these lunchtimes there is a craft lesson from a volunteer which is very popular. Other lunch time activities include board games (chess), computer activities, reading and writing.

The library is the hub for many other activities. The Scholastic book club runs through the library and this is a successful club which entices and encourages all students to read. During the year with have Book Week and part of that is Book Fair. The library is one of the most popular places to be during this fun and exciting time where children can buy books.