Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy Priorities

At Gowrie our priorities are:

  • coaching and mentoring support for the literacy block,
  • targeted student support for the Numeracy block
  • Professional Learning Teams working collaboratively to plan teaching and learning experiences
  • Integration of the Daily Five Literacy Strategies and the Café Conferencing and coaching model.

Team leaders work closely with staff on a regular basis through Professional Learning Teams which are focused on updating professional knowledge, reviewing current strategies and determining best practice.  There are targeted Professional Learning sessions throughout each term to  enhance and further develop professional learning in Literacy and Numeracy.

Gowrie Primary priorities are focused on building teacher capacity to improve student outcomes.

The teaching staff focus on using the Daily 5 strategies of:

  • Read to Self
  • Read to Someone
  • Work on words
  • Work on Writing
  • Listen to Reading

And the Café Model of conferencing and coaching

  • Comprehension
  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Expanding Vocabulary

Professional learning to explore a whole school framework for literacy teaching and develop knowledge of Reading Strategies to support the implementation of the Balanced Literacy program.

In Term 1 PLT's (Professional learning Teams) have been formulated to develop effective working teams where they have focused learning sessions on areas of Literacy. In particular this semester there is a focus on

  • implementing First Steps Reading Strategies to support student learning
  • exploring components of the Balanced Literacy Program to deepen knowledge of effective literacy practices
  • develop a whole school literacy planner,
  • sharing literacy strategies that promote differentiation in reading and writing,
  • aligning literacy teaching practices with the Quality Teaching Framework
  • integrate literacy into all areas of the curriculum and
  • to begin to explore the scope and sequencing of Mathematics Strands.

Furthermore, the coaching and mentoring model will be continually reflected upon and further developments will be utilised in semester two of 2014.