Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting Gowrie Primary School

At Gowrie Primary School assessment and reporting are two key elements to the teaching and learning cycle. We begin the year with an informal three way interview allowing teachers and parents to meet and for students to get to know their teacher, learn about the students' strengths and talk about expectations and goals for the year.  This meeting is part of the transition plan for students as they progress through the Year groups.


Teachers are always assessing students' progress formatively throughout the year. They begin with a range of diagnostic assessments in the key areas of literacy and numeracy. This enables the teachers to plan effective programs to meet individual needs and learning styles. This assessment for learning allows teachers to reflect and monitor their teaching and learning program.  Teachers will also review and update student data during the year on a school wide student data base.  This process allows teachers and support staff to accurately monitor student growth and provide targeted interventions where needed to help students maintain positive learning growth.

During different periods of the year students carry out a range of summative assessments in all key learning areas to assess and track the students' progress from the start of the year. This is assessment of learning and it allows teachers to have a broad view of the development of each child. Gowrie has an assessment schedule whereby all teachers assess the key areas consistently from K – 6.


During Term 2, Year 3 and 5 students are assessed in the key areas of literacy and numeracy along with their peers throughout Australia. This is carried out across one week in May. The literacy assessments are; reading, writing, grammar and punctuation and spelling. PIPS is a Kindergarten assessment where the children are assessed in the areas of literacy and numeracy. It occurs on entry to kindergarten and at the end of the year. To view results see attachment on website under PIPS.


At the completion of semester 1 all students receive a Gowrie Report and all families are offered a parent teacher interview to discuss the progress of their child in all areas of schooling. In addition children are given an A-E grade in all learning areas.

At the end of semester 2 children are given a Gowrie Report along with an A-E grade as well.

Individual Learning Plan

Children with special needs at Gowrie have a specific ILP designed so their needs can be addressed specifically. These ILP's are designed by the teacher in consultation with parents and school executive.

Children in years K, 3 and 6 have a Special Needs Appraisal Meeting whereby their special needs are assessed and the necessary support is provided in the Learning Support Units, Learning Support Centre or for mainstream inclusion.

Learning Journey

At Gowrie the children have the opportunity in term 3 to share their learning with their parents and carers in a learning journey. Children self assess their learning for the year and are involved in activities with parents during a morning period of the day. The parents are able to discuss their child's work with them and give them positive comments.

Assessment and Tracking Forms

At Gowrie we provide the best learning opportunities for all students. One tool used to assist teachers in this process is our Assessment and Tracking document. These forms are able to track a child's academic progress throughout their schooling at Gowrie. We include literacy and numeracy assessment data, comparisons of student progress against specified benchmarks and collect student work samples to compare against the Australian Curriculum standards.


Reporting Regulations A-E (word 33KB)