The Library is a rich and unique centre offering students vital learning resources, as well as a place to relax and enjoy a range of activities. It is situated within the administration block, in the heart of the school and staffed by a full-time Resources Manager.

The Library’s collection of more than 8000 books includes novels, non-fiction and picture books. The catalogue is continually updated with student consultation a part of this process.

In addition to weekly classes, the library opens every lunch time offering a quiet, supervised alternative to the playground. During this time, the library is a hub for a variety of activities including board/card games, chess, colouring-in, as well as reading and writing.

During annual celebrations such as Book week, Simultaneous Storytime and the Scholastic Book Fair, the Library becomes a focal point for the whole school and is a centre for visiting authors and student workshops.

Library Program

The library is regarded as a whole school resource centre and although it’s primarily used for student teaching and learning, it is also used as a staff meeting and parent information space. It is a bright and inviting place with the walls regularly showcasing student artwork.

Weekly lessons enable Preschool to Year 6 students to explore the library’s resources, in addition to borrowing and returning books. Borrowing is greatly encouraged in accordance with the developmental stage and interests of each student. A focus on “Good fit” literature means that students access books they can read and enjoy independently. Students are also supported in borrowing books relating to their special interests, which can be shared with family members.

The Oliver Computer Cataloguing System provides an extensive history of students’ borrowing records. From Year 3, students can access Oliver to reserve books using their classroom Chromebooks. Senior students also use Oliver to share book reviews with fellow students.

Gowrie Primary School recognises the development of literacy is a lifelong process. The school Library supports classroom literacy and language teaching by providing opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful and entertaining literature.