School Philosophies and Values

School Philosophies


'Today Prepares Tomorrow'

Vision Statement

'Seeking today's opportunities -Meeting tomorrow's challenges'

Mission Statement

The Gowrie Primary school community will provide quality education in a secure and caring background where children, teachers and parents can work together as a team, and where children are respected and their skills are seen and developed. Together we will seek paths that will give students the power to aim for a happy and enjoyable life as caring and responsible people.

School Values

At Gowrie Primary School the following core values are the basis for school life:


The social well being of all students is paramount and at the beginning of each year all classes are involved with a units of work that promote these values. This is designed so all stakeholders understand the expectations and commit to these values at Gowrie.

Code of Conduct

It is expected that students will:

Where applicable it is expected that parents/carers and teachers will follow the same Code of Conduct.