Health and Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) at Gowrie Primary School aims to help students acquire a large variety of movement skills, concepts and strategies that will enable them to confidently and capably participate in a range of physical activities. P.E aims to build fitness of students while at the same time increasing engagement in maintaining fitness inside and outside of an educational setting. Game sense is also developed in order to help enhance critical thinking when navigating games, challenges, and scenarios requiring teamwork.

As part of the Departmental requirement, P.E and Health is taught throughout each week by the classroom teacher, as well as the P.E and Health Specialist Teacher who teaches a specialised lesson to each class weekly.

Kindergarten to Year 2 classes run a Gross Motor Skills session each week which may involve balancing, skipping, dodging, throwing and other Gross Motor Skills.

Throughout all of these sessions we promote the values of cooperation, respect, consideration, teamwork and promote a non-competitive environment.

Through the Sporting Schools Grants we engage sporting organisations to deliver clinics to the school two or three times per year. For example AFL, cricket, netball, orienteering and many others.


The Health program at Gowrie Primary School aims to develop knowledge, understandings, and skills that help:

Gowrie Primary School Sports

At Gowrie Primary school we provide a range of sports that meet all student’s needs.

Students in Year 5 and 6 are given the opportunity throughout the year to trial for School District sports for the Tuggeranong district, as well as representing the ACT and beyond.

Every year K-2 students are offered the opportunity to participate in a swimming program where the children undertake swimming lessons from qualified instructors at a local swimming facility.

Each year Gowrie Primary has Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals for all children to participate in which enables them to qualify for Tuggeranong District qualification.